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会社概要:有限会社ニセコホームデザイン代表取締役、一級建築士 上原 茂

ひらふ事務所:〒044-0081  北海道虻田郡倶知安町ニセコひらふ1条3丁目4番8号

Hanami Townhouse B


ニセコ町事務所:〒048-1551 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町里見25-12


建築士事務所登録:北海道知事登録(後)第216号 一級建築士事務所(有)ニセコホームデザイン

建設業許可:北海道知事登録 般-18(後)第01872号

Niseko Home Design has been in business since 2006. The company is directed by a licensed architect, Shigeru Uehara, who is one of few in the Niseko construction industry equipped with not only architectural design expertise but also building qualifications. He oversees all aspects of design and construction, utilizing local Japanese industry partners who are experienced in the unique environmental demands of Niseko. Niseko Home Design is recognized for completing unique, high quality projects; each of which are thoughtfully designed and constructed to reflect the lifestyles and natural surroundings of the Niseko area.


Niseko Home Design,.ltd

Shigeru Uehara, managing director, class-1 architect

office address:Hanami townhouse B, 1-3-4-8 Niseko Hirafu, Kutchan-cho,

Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

TEL:0136-55-8050 (Japan)  81)136-55-8050(oversea)

architect office license : Hokkaido Shiribeshi No.216/class-1 architect office

builder's office license : Hokkaido Shiribeshi No. 18-01872

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